Finally, Finally, Finally the Main Bathroom Reveal!

Boy, oh boy, has this post been long overdue. I’ve been itching to share final reveal shots of the the main bathroom at Berrybrier. If you follow me on instagram (see the sidebar! Or the very bottom of the page if you’re on your phone) you may have seen my instastories a few weeks ago which heavily featured finishing off the bathroom. There were a few little tasks like hanging the hand towel ring, spray painting the toilet paper stand, and making the shower curtain that I needed motivation to work on. So thanks to all those who messaged me for the encouragement! Now… shall we check out some shots of the room?

There’s some bold floral action going on in here now and I am living for it! It’s just the right amount of modern for the space.

Before we get too crazy, we simply must go back to the beginning of this space! Here’s the bathroom all a glow in magenta when I first toured the house. That color was a real punch in the face, ey?

A too big bathtub that forced you to slide past the sink combined with the dark paint, plus the pink toilet wedged into the corner all made this room feel smaller than it really was. The awful old vinyl flooring which wrapped onto the counter besides the sink made it feel dirty. Someone had been showering without any waterproofing and the wooden bathtub surround was rotting and mildewy. It was gross even after deep cleaning!

By the door an ikea cabinet was wedged into one corner and a small counter in the other. The counter was so dirty, cleaning didn’t even help. I didn’t bother even trying to use the drawer.

The medicine cabinet was functional and relatively nice though and I loved the antiquing of the mirror. The sink faucets leaked perpetually, even with the water shut-off valves closed, but the sink itself was totally amazing. Having dual water faucets was a real pain when trying to wash my face, though. In a powder room, I’d reuse this sink, but here in the main bathroom of the house… it just didn’t work.

Please also note the comically high toilet paper holder. You’re welcome to use it — if you can reach! Muhahahahaha (evil laughter)!

Demo day kicked off to a slower start, but with the help of my mom and Cousin Mary, real progress was made and everything came out the first day except for the ceiling. It was a ton of fun to demo the lathe and plaster, but the bathtub barely fit out the door!

The big surprise of demolition was waiting behind the cabinet in the corner of the bathroom! Mildew in the extreme. I layered on a mask and reused the hazmat suit from the super fun floor refinishing project to remove the lathe and plaster here. Luckily, the mildew was only on the surface of the plaster and hadn’t penetrated any further. Whew!

After demo was complete, the next parts of the bathroom renovation were hired out: electrical and rough-in plumbing were completed quickly by the pros. My plumber even placed the shower surround which made this room almost look like a real bathroom if you squinted real hard.

Once the pros’ work was complete I was able to quickly insulate the bathroom, even doing the inside walls to keep this room nice and cozy.

Once the insulation was in, I began prepping for tile by laying concrete board, a quick and easy process, though I later learned an even better way to cut concrete board. At this point, I also had to move the HVAC vent over closer to the wall with the door to make room for my new sink.

Then it was time for drywall! Wow, what a huge difference walls make! Mudding for the first time in an unheated house in winter was a bit of a challenge, but overall, the whole thing went relatively quickly.

I worked on the tile next, bringing in bold, but classic, high contrast, black and white mini-hex tiles, just like my original mood board. I was in love instantly with the look, which reminded me of my Oma’s bathroom.

Once the drywall was up, mudded, sanded, mudded again, and sanded again and again, the walls were ready for paint! GAH! THIS IS WHERE THINGS GOT REAL. A coat of primer and two coats of delicious deep green paint (Benjamin Moore’s 1498 Forest Floor) and this room was looking fabulous! I added baseboards, window trim, and caulked everything. The finishing touches were on their way!

After things were done with the walls and floor, I could finally shower in my house again! Which meant I could actually live here! Wow! That was so refreshing and the shower felt soooo good! I threw up an old Target shower curtain I had left over from my house in Berkeley (“hoard everything forever” is my motto!) and the bathroom almost looked real. Then I had to learn how to cut copper pipe to install water shut off valves before I could finally install the toilet! I customized it by switching out the lever for one that would match the champagne bronze of the other bathroom fixtures.

Then it was time for the bathroom sink, bathroom fixtures, and eventually the vintage medicine cabinet I saved from my parent’s house too.

It sat like this for over a year before I finally checked off a few of the final things on my to do list just in the last couple of weeks: spray painting the toilet paper stand, installing the hand towel ring, and — most importantly — sewing the shower curtain! Now the space is the perfect mix of clean & bright and dark & moody and jungle. Just like I’d hoped. Just like I’ve always wanted.

So how much did this whole thing cost? Let’s break it down:

  • Wall Reframing: $15 for six 2x4s
  • Tiling: $177
  • Drywall+ Supplies: $175
  • Insulation: $50
  • Toilet: $380
  • Sink: $75
  • Paint and Primer: $100
  • Professional Services (plumber): $1178
  • Professional Services (electrician): ~$900 (my bill covered electrical work for the entire house, so this is a rough estimate only)
  • Permits: $150
  • Bathroom Accessory & Plumbing Fixtures: $661
  • Lighting: $175
  • Vent: $100
  • Shower Curtain + Liner: $85
  • Hooks: $13
  • Shelf: $137
  • Accessories: Free! Just used what I had on hand.

TOTAL: $3,771

So it wasn’t the most inexpensive bathroom renovation that ever happened, but it’s pretty dang affordable considering hiring out a bathroom renovation often costs a minimum of $10k. Plus, I just can’t get over the change in this space, the change I created!

The sink and toilet are both contemporary pieces with a traditional flair, while the sconce above the vintage medicine cabinet is much more modern. I think it’s a fun contrast, though if I find the perfect vintage sconce I might switch it in down the line.

I love, love, love my Cassidy Collection faucet from Delta Faucet! It’s gorgeous and vintage looking, while still super functional.

On the other side of the bathroom, a new metal and glass shelf I bought on Amazon really rounds out the room and provides some much needed storage! It was the perfect fit, just barely squeezing into that corner. Normally I hate when furnishing overlap the trimwork, but in this tight bathroom, there really wasn’t another option! I styled it out for this shot and had so much fun doing it. There’s nothing a designer loves more than shelving!

A pretty coral vase ties back into the color scheme of Berrybrier though my cats have since broken it. Dang cats! A variegated spider plant on a wood slice stand adds some height and the tray is a great place to dump jewelry into before hopping into the shower.

I filled the space with lots of humidity loving plants that have just been thriving on the steam from the shower. A few books always add some fun height, though I must admit, they don’t live in here full time since vintage books and humidity aren’t the best of friends! I used a cool green wine glass I found at Goodwill a few years ago as a place to hang some earrings.

I stock up on shampoo and conditioner with a bundle subscription with the Honest Company. I love how their packaging is cute and neutral enough to keep on display. I’m a fan of the Sweet Orange Vanilla scent, but recently got the new Sweet Almond — mostly because I like the packaging pink/red color better than orange!

I stacked a vintage brass ram I picked up from my grandmother’s house when she passed on some storage boxes from HomeGoods. A bit of function and a bit of beauty.

Beside the shelving unit I was able to fit a 30″ towel bar from Delta Faucet’s Cassidy Collection beneath the window, which along with the hooks on the back of the door, and the hook next to the shower provides lots of places to hang a towel. I ended up having to replace the bar with a new one when the finish failed, but Delta was so nice and quick in honoring the warranty. A framed Rolling Stones album I’ve had for 15 years adds a little bit of flair and privacy to the backyard facing window.

The wall and trim color is such a chameleon in here, changing from a cool to a warm green depending on the light! I loved the color so much, I ended up painting the trim in my stairwell in the same hue which then lead to the trimwork throughout the living room and even my bedroom!

I’m a big fan of hooks! I bought this simple Home Depot hook and spray painted it matte black to go better with the rest of the finishes in the room. I used the same Matte Black Enamel spray paint from Rustoleum that I used on the plumbing pipes beneath the sink. It’s an awesome place to hang a towel and bathrobe on when you’re showering. Such an easy reach spot when you’re done!

I wanted some drama in this space and boy did this shower curtain bring it! It was a labor of love I concocted on my sewing machine and after hours of fighting sewing I finally got it done. I was so proud of myself, especially since I had not sewed anything on a machine in close to 15 years!

Now, I have to talk about this shower head! It’s amazing! It’s also from Delta and is the same gold tone finish they dubbed “champagne bronze.” Mostly, I love it’s versatility. The fact that I can keep it as one unit or two and switch the water on and off between them is awesome for showering as one person or when I need to wash my new puppy, Gerdie!

The shower curtain was actually a DIY I sewed myself using a tapestry from this Society 6 tapestry! I knew I wanted something bold, dark, and floral and this fit the bill. Since I wanted the shower curtain to go right up to the ceiling, standard shower curtains would have been to short and although there are some extra long shower curtains out there, most are pretty basic and I wanted something spunky! I will admit, it definitely adds a “busy” factor to the space, but it’s a great statement piece too! Down the line, when this room no longer has a shower (I’m stealing it for the master bathroom!) I’d love to wallpaper this room in a fun patterned print, either something floral like the curtain or maybe this amazing tree filled print! This bathroom will definitely stay dark and moody though!

Besides the shower is the toilet and I added some fun accessories to dress it up. A hanging prayer plant is flourishing in the steam filled room and some aluminum test prints I got at work showcase some historical images of Oregon forestry. They’re great for use in a bathroom since the images are printed on metal – no worries for water damage! I love how the layering of these elements provides such texture to the space. On the toilet itself sits Fred the Fish! You may remember him from the early days of this blog. I inherited him from my grandmother, spray painted him a fun new sage color, and popped in some plants. The plants have changed in the last four years, but he’s still going strong!

The prayer plant is in a pot from Home Depot, but I had to stop the drainage hole. The plant was getting too dehydrated with it. I always add a few inches of gravel to the bottom of all my pots to help with drainage, so this hole was unnecessary. I know I’m a rebel, but none of my indoor plants have pots with drainage holes! I’m just really very careful about how much water I give them.

I seriously love this plant. The subtle pink veining and the varying green tones feel perfect for Berrybrier! It’s the color palette of the house in one plant!

Moving over from the toilet, the vintage medicine cabinet from my childhood home sits above the space-saving wall mounted sink.

The basket below the sink holds toilet paper and is such an awesome storage solution! I love how this shot showcases all the open storage in this room. Even though it’s a small bathroom, the storage is sufficient for three or four people using it every day! Plus that gorgeous original five paneled wood door looks amazing with the green paint. This color combo makes my heart sing!

The paint is moody, the door is moody, the shadows created by the plants are just edging on creepy. It feels right for an old home, no? A crisp white towel hanging on the door hooks (also from Home Depot) breaks up the dark tones and adds some drama (not to mention a functional way to dry myself off after a shower!). These hooks are nice and sturdy and rarely drop a towel. I hate those hooks where the towels are always falling off! So frustrating.

Overall this room was a labor of love (and need!). It was the first major project I did at Berrybrier and the first room to get painted. It’s set the tones for the whole house!

Overall, this whole room feels like such a wonderful victory! I learned so many things important DIY skills in the space. I was able to use most of them on my next bathroom renovation project too!

It really was trial by fire as I threw myself at all these projects with no experience and high stakes (this is the only shower in the house!). Luckily, it all worked out.

Now I have a wonderful space to bathe and everyone who walks in here gets to gasp a little at the drama. This room cemented my love of greens mixed with high contrasting black & white elements all united with brass accents. Get ready to see how the rest of the house plays up these same things! You can see already in the stairwell how those elements come together and how in my tiny master half-bathroom the green is switched for pink!

What do you think of the space? Would you tackle a full bathroom renovation, solo with no experience? Am I totally crazy? Let me know in the comments below!

Want to catch up on the entire bathroom renovation? Check out these posts below to see how this space came to life over the last two years! Yes… those final touches did take me about 16 months to finally get around to — bigger projects called my attention away!

Happy DIYing! Let me know if you’re tackling any of these projects soon! I want to hear about it.

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10 thoughts on “Finally, Finally, Finally the Main Bathroom Reveal!

  1. Stunning! Hard to even recognize the “before” photos. I love the way you take on challenges with that can-do attitude. And enjoy your narratives on your vision for each space. Very satisfying, right?

  2. Wow. I just read every word of this. Truly an amazing, utterly professional transformation! Very impressive. Well done, Laurel!

  3. So gorgeous, so impressive! I’ve loved watching you transform your whole place. I like how everything still has that antique, old-house feel… sometimes it seems so strange when people buy an old home, then make everything inside look fresh 2019. Your updates make everything seem unique, fresh, and clean, but like they still belong in the home’s bones. Great job! 🙂

  4. Yikes-I LOVE that you went all foresty with it-such a departure from the current all white mania. You are rocking it girl!

  5. Again this blog is AMAZING! I love the shower curtain! I have been looking & looking and figured I would need to find fabric and sew. (I can’t sew) but I can maybe do something with these longer tapestries!! Thanks again!

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