Meet Laurel

Hello there! Welcome to Land of Laurel! My name is Laurel and I live in Portland, OR. I started this blog in 2015 to chronicle my projects, recipes, and eco friendly living at my home in Berkeley, CA. About a year later, I moved north and continue to explore and build in the Pacific Northwest.


Hey There! | Land of Laurel


Here I share whatever I’m up to, whether it be organizing, painting, or baking fudge pies. I love learning about environmentally friendly living habits and how to live healthier and happier. I try to share what I know, but I am no expert in these fields! What I know, I know from practice, experimentation, and good ole trial & error!




I spend my days working 9-5 in downtown Portland, but when I’m free, I’m working on one project or another. I started out at the Duplex rental house I shared with a roommate in SE Portland. Just over a year later I bought my own place and named it Berrybrier! I live here now with two roommates and two cats. My lovely little, Malary passed away in May 2018. My orange guy, Jackson, needed a buddy though, so I bought home Auggie in July that year.


Although the kitties would prefer I lay on the couch and pet them all day long, I try to adventure out and explore! I am often found at thrift stores, flea markets, and the local eco-home improvement place. I am a big believer in living a green, honest life and strive to take environmental and health-conscious precautions. I live my life with as little impact as I can. When I’m not painting, planting, or baking, I’m pulling things out of the trash to recycle or compost! Yup, I’m that person! 🙂 I am constantly learning new ways to live an eco-friendly life, adding new leaves of knowledge to my little eco-friendly tree.

I’ve read, loved, and obsessed over blogs for years. Now it’s my turn. I’m just getting started with this blogging thing, but I try to post as much as I can. I certainly have enough projects in mind to keep going! So whether I’m taking selfies with woolly mammoth skeletons at a museum…


…cooking up something yummy in the kitchen…


…getting my DIY on turning some scrap wood into a head board, building a bridge out of celery, or demoing a bathroom


…I am here to share what’s going on in the Land of Laurel. Read more posts to learn more about how I make-over, organize, clean, bake, & live the green life!


4 thoughts on “Meet Laurel

  1. Hi Laurel, Malary and Jackson. I’m not sure how I landed here in Portlandia, ha! But it’s been fun so far. We seem to have a number of similar likes 😀 Kitties, dumpster diving, Vintage shops and gardening are all favs of mine too. I used to follow this group of gals from Portland, ‘Hammer Like A Girl’ They’re unfortunately not blogging now but they were pro’s at recycling and reusing things in interesting ways. I really miss them. You can still visit their site or project gallery. Heck, maybe they’re your neighbours? That’d be funny.

  2. Love to see where you have gone since last blog. I know you have been working hard. I bet the bathroom looks great.

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