Art From Minted I’m Loving Right Now

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about artwork and how well it finishes off a space. It’s the eyeliner of interiors styling. My house tends to have a rather random assortment of pieces. I’ve got a small gallery wall going in the Living Room that needs tweaking now that there’s no longer a TV in that room. The pieces in my house that I really love are the big huge ones that have more of a visual presence. I think we often buy art that’s too small without realizing the impact a larger piece might have!

First up I have to say if you already have art you love, but like me, it’s just sitting rolled up and ignored somewhere, here’s your reminder to actually get it framed! Framebridge is a great source for custom framing. You can send them your artwork or upload a picture and they’ll frame it and send it back to you! I also love Michael’s for custom framing. If you’re on a tighter budget, I always turn to IKEA for frames and if I have a piece that doesnt fit in the standard included IKEA mat, I’ll have a new mat custom cut for me at Michael’s. Easy!

But if you’re looking for some new art, I have to shout out to Minted! They’re a great resource for art on a budget. I have this Minted art piece in the 44″ Square size in my Dining Room and it makes a great impact in the space.

This post isn’t sponsored by Minted and they haven’t given me any product, I just like to pull from their vast collection! They produce and frame prints from artists around the world and you can even read about the artists on their site. It’s a great way to find new statement pieces for your home. Since art is a relatively easy thing to bring to a new house or apartment, it’s a good investment even if you’re renting! So today I thought I’d round up some other pieces I’ve been eyeing that might just work well in your home!

So I love a bold black and white — doesn’t matter if it’s tile or art! This piece is the perfect bold black and white that grabs your attention, yet let’s the eye continue moving around a room quickly. Since it’s so easy to read this painting, even though it’s harsh at first, it doesn’t keep the attention. And it’s awesome. I’ve been thinking a bold black and white might be the ticket for the dining room with it’s moody wine colored walls.

Buy on Minted

I am obsessed with the floral work of this artist, Teresa Bear. She’s actually located in Portland, OR too! Teresa, let’s hang out! I love this moody piece below. It’s so interesting and we know how much I love a bold floral! I think this could look pretty epic in the my tiny master bathroom in the 16″ x 20″ size with a black frame. I think this is my favorite from all the pieces I’ve pulled today.

Buy on Minted

This is another cool piece of photography work. I love how ethereal and ghostly it is. What’s going on here? The line of the sidewalk cutting through the print gives it some awesome directionality. Not to mention the always fun Converse kicks!

Buy on Minted

So I love when art can make me laugh and this piece did just that! How cute and funny is this? As a not so secret cat lady, this artwork has my heart. I love the idea of a small print of this tucked on a book shelf somewhere slightly hidden. In a small size it’s much more affordable too! It remind me of my cousin Lindsey Rose who’s rocking hard in law school right now and would probably love to take a nap with one of her kitties!

Buy on Minted

In Portland, people love to bike! I have so many friends who breathe, eat, and cycle. It’s great, though I’m not out on a bike even an eighth as frequently! But if I felt like splurging on a gift for one of them, I might pull this piece! I love the simple black and white image with a black frame. Even though it’s a modern print, it looks really classic and timeless!

Buy on Minted

Now for my car loving friends, I might pull this piece which does grunge in all the best ways. I don’t even like cars and I think this piece is super cool! Again, a simple black frame keeps it really classic.

Buy on Minted

This sweet pink print of the glass and pitcher seems perfect for a kitchen, doesn’t it? It reminds me of my friend Hannah a little bit. Hannah, buy this for your kitchen! It’s a piece that toes the line of modern and traditional really well. And it just makes me smile and feel peaceful too. Isn’t it interesting how art evokes more emotions than other types of decor?

Buy on Minted

This print is definitely one I’m coveting for myself. I just love the simplicity of it. I used to do a lot of figure drawing in college and absolutely loved it. I’d love to start doing it again though and this piece inspires me. This art piece in a small size feels so old world to me. I’d love it up on a shelf or alone on a wall. It would look great in a simple black frame or the cool brass ones Minted has too!

Buy on Minted

I told myself I wouldn’t have all florals in this post, but here I go showing you another one! I think this is just stunning. It reminds me of Curtis Speer’s still life work which are about 100x the price of this Minted one. With the brass frame, this piece would be absolutely gorgeous. I can see it in a bedroom, all moody and glorious. Heck in the 44″ x 44″ size it could be amazing up on the walls in my moody bedroom! Can you imagine walking in and seeing that first thing? Yes, please!

Buy on Minted

Finally, I had to include this pondscape that is so green and lush it reminds me of my Portland, Oregon home. It feels like this should be in a bright and sunny entry of someone’s home, a big green “Hello! Welcome Home!” Someone do this and email me a picture, please!

Buy on Minted

Okay, I had a lot of fun art shopping this morning, thanks for joining me! Art is so fun to source, but also can be so difficult, since it’s so personal! I’m thinking of adding two of these pieces to my Christmas wishlist, because I just can’t get them out of my mind. Please buy all this of this art and put it in your houses so I can see it and live through you vicariously!

1. Beside Myself 2. She’s Blooming 3. Traction 4. Dreaming of Caramels 5. Steel Shapes I 6. Ruined Pontiac 7. Figure Drawing No.17 8. Milk 9. A White Peony 10. Merge

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