2020 Design Trends that Just Might Define this Year (and this Decade!)

Design is definitely focused on where you live and Portland loves to be an exception to the rule! But as I’ve kept track on the pulse from other designers around the country I’ve been noting a few of the same things pop up time and time again. I thought I’d round it all up and check in at the end of the year to see whether these predictions really did make a splash in 2020!

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

If the 2010’s was the decade of all white kitchens, I’m looking at 2020 to kick off the decade of color. I’ve been seeing more and more awesome colorful kitchens around the design sphere and you know I am IN. TO. IT. I love color, I love bold color, and I love colorful cabinetry! This such a fun way to add show-stopping personality to homes. I will admit, that I myself went more neutral with my black on black kitchen, but I will give myself a half point for my green wainscotting! Plus, that was finished in 2019 and we’re looking at the roaring ’20s now. How beautiful is Michelle Nussbaumer’s speakeasy kitchen though? I think I want to be this kitchen when I grow up.

Design: Michelle Nussbaumer, Shot for House Beautiful

A Return to Tradition

Okay, maybe I’m biased, or maybe I live in a bubble, but am I the only one seeing more and more traditional design popping up again? I’ve been obsessing over these detailed traditional homes. I think the pendulum of minimalism might be tipping back towards maximalism and I cannot wait! Give me all the house packed with books, unique knick knacks, and that amazing carved wood dresser. There are lot of people transforming their homes into more traditional spaces again. I see a few things that really make this work well: adding trimwork; painting the trim, walls, and even sometimes the ceiling the same color; using bolder darker colors; collecting furniture over time. This bedroom from A Glass of Bovino showcases this look. You have to check out the befores of this space too!

Now you might say this trend leads into the next one too…

More Colorful and Fancier Appliances

This is the decade of the appliances once again. The 1950s will be so proud of the 2020s, because — ladies and gents — we are bringing back the statement appliance! From Big Chill to Smeg to Café Appliances and so many more, I’m seeing a huge uptick in colorful, metallic accented appliances! I personally am obsessed with Big Chill’s Classic Collection. I love every thing about every single appliance in that collection. In five years, when I renovate my kitchen into a more functional space, I’ll be knocking on their door. This space by House of Jade has the most lovely blue stove (It’s Big Chill!).

Farmhouse Here to Stay (for now!)

Modern Farmhouse is showing no signs of stopping in this decade. At least not for the next 5 years. Considering the Gaines are launching their own TV network, I don’t see this trend heading out until the end of the decade. I have a lot of feelings about this trend, but I’m going to try not to share too many of them. Let’s just say: yes, there is such a thing as too much shiplap.


Unlacquered Brass is Sticking Around

Unlacquered brass is going no where. It’s timeless and classic. I remember showing a brass faucet to my boss about 6 years ago and her being almost offended that I would suggest such a thing. Oh boy, have times changed! Unlacquered brass has made such a resurgence on the market. I’m here for it! I love a living finish that patinas over time. I used these knobs from Rejuvenation in my kitchen and they’re only getting better and better with use!

The End of All White Everything?

I’ve said it above and I’ll say it again. COLOR IS BACK. More and more colorful spaces pop onto my radar and I’m betting we continue to see more of it in 2020. I mean, I love a good neutral space, but a colorful room just feels so personal and cozy.

Design: The Makerista

An Olive Branch (Or Tree)

The fiddle leaf fig has died. Long live the olive tree. I blame Amber Interiors and California Casual style for this one. And by blame, I mean applaud. This tree looks classic, clean, modern, and old world all at once. Plus, I really like olives.

Design: Jett Creative

Animal Print

I’m super in to animal print, y’all. I recently bought a leopard print coat and it is fantastic. I’ve been seeing pillows, chairs, ottomans in leopard, cheetah, and zebra. I’m predicting we’ll see even more in 2020!

Move Over Tiny House, Hello Small Homes

I think we were all fascinated by the concepts of Tiny Houses a few years ago. Living your whole life in under 200 SF! The minimalism! The extremes! It was cool. It was ballsy. It was not for me or for most people. What I do see becoming more popular again is smaller homes! The average size of the American home skyrocketed after the 1970s and by 2014, it was over 2,600 SF. That is a lot of space to vacuum. Just this last year, I’ve seen more and more people talk about smaller home sizes and what works for them. I particularly like this one from Ashley over at the Gold Hive. My house is 1,400 SF. That’s the average home size in the mid-1960s and I only have that square footage in my home because the attic floor was converted to become part of the main house. Small houses force us to cut down on the stuff we have and focus on multi-purpose rooms. It also means cleaning up more often. Do you like a larger or a smaller home?

Wallpaper’s Great Comeback

Is everything that’s a trend in 2020 a comeback from before? They say style is a wheel and I think I have to agree. Get out your favorite patterns, because it’s time to put them up on the wall. Bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, every type of space is getting papered this year! I wrote about all my favorites here. Is 2020 the year we finally see wallpaper at Berrybrier? Let’s hope it’s this one from Cole and Sons!

Non-White Trim

You guys, another traditional classic made it on this list! Non-white trim. Wow. Yes. I know. It’s just that good. And everyone is getting on board! I made the crazy decision to paint all my trim a deep, moody green (Benjamin Moore’s Forest Floor), but I’m seeing lots of neutrals that are just slightly darker than the wall color showing up. It’s a great way to highlight a beefy trim profile and amp up the sophistication in any space! My favorite part? It feels so old world to me.

via Country Living

Okay, so what trends are you predicting for 2020? Have you noticed something popping up again and again on your feed? What are your thoughts on trends? Do you like the microtrends that everyone goes crazy for each year? Or the longer lasting (but usually less interesting) trends that stick around for a decade or more? What’s on my list that you think is totally out?! Tell me in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “2020 Design Trends that Just Might Define this Year (and this Decade!)

  1. Love this post and agree with all of it. I really love the moody paint colors, painted trim and animal prints that I’m seeing so much of.

  2. I just found your blog and spent like two hours going through all of your Berrybrier posts! We have completely different tastes for the most part (I definitely love mid-century modern) but I absolutely love your kitchen and little master bath!

    I agree with you that tastes are swinging back towards maximalist, and while it’s not my personal style I’m also excited to see how I can incorporate those trends in a way that fits with our hodgepodge furniture AND creates interest in our pretty basic rental!

    So glad to have found your blog, can’t wait to see more!

    1. Hi Allyson! Thanks for reading! Love that my style is different, but still interesting to you! It’s always fascinating to me to see how incorporating mini-trends into your personal style can work too. Let me know what you want to read more of in 2020!

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