5 Tools I Love and Turn To Time and Time Again and 1 I Wish I Owned

There are a few tools that I truly cannot live without. Or at least, cannot renovate without! These are my tried and true tools that I turn to over and over. I wanted to round them up, just in case you’re doing a little pre-holiday shopping for a DIY-er in your life!

The number one tool that get’s the most use around here? My impact driver! I got the Milwaukee M18 brushless impact driver when I was installing the cement board in preparation to tile my bathroom back in November 2017, because my normal drill simply could not inset the screws! Ever since, it’s absolutely the tool I pick up the most. I bought the impact driver, hammer drill kit and even though I use the hammer drill less frequently, it is handy to have both for such a deal! PS around Thanksgiving, this tool’s price point is usually slashed way down!

When it comes to painting, there is one brush I own several times over. It’s one of the cheapest on the market, but it is so good!

This short handle brush from Woodster is essential for cutting in trim and painting furniture. I use this every time I paint a room. The biggest bonus? It’s also the perfect size for touching up your baseboards now and again!

Buy it at Home Depot

Whenever I need a screw driver, I pick up this one. The 6-in-1 nature of it, means no matter what my screw looks like, this screwdriver will almost always work. It’s the perfect thing to store in the kitchen junk drawer for that inevitable loose screw on your drawer pulls!

When I have a piece of wood I need to cut quickly or if I’m cutting something quite large, I love having my battery powered circular saw at the ready! This is definitely a tool for a frequent DIY-er. I used it to cut 2x4s, trim fence boards, cut large sheets of plywood and more! It’s uses are endless!

I nailed in 90% of the trim at this house with a corded nailer and huge air compressor. It was loud, annoying, cumbersome, a tripping hazard, and getting the pressure of the nails right was difficult! Last year I upgraded to this battery powered nailer from Ryobi and it is a life changer! Now, it’s super easy to nail in a few pieces of trim here and there! I use the nailer a few times a month, even though at this point, I’m not exactly doing any trim work! This is the perfect thing to pick up if you’re planning on redoing any baseboards or adding crown moulding!

Last, a bonus tool! I’m throwing in a 6th tool I don’t actually own, but borrow all the time. My neighbor has one of Milwaukee’s Multi-tools and it is definitely going on the top of my Christmas list (well, after a new phone, that’s the real top of the list, this is second though!). It’s super handy for cutting in tight spaces with lots of control. I trimmed off part of my new kitchen cabinet with this and sawed through a 2×4 before that. The battery power is pretty amazing!

What are your favorite tools you turn to time and time again? Let me know in the comments if you have any big time saving tools out there. I’m officially a tool junky!

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5 thoughts on “5 Tools I Love and Turn To Time and Time Again and 1 I Wish I Owned

  1. Depends on what I’m using it for but my brand is dewalt I like it over makita but yeah impact/drill combo perfect and next runner up for me is a grinder and zalsaw ryobi is good if the tools won’t be used a lot like for work good for the price

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