2021 (how is it possible it’s a new year?!)

What a wonderful year, 2020, eh? I know I wasn’t on here for the last of it. More on that soon. In the meantime, a summary of the year…

New chicks provided hours of entertainment for 2 hungry cats. A puppy ensured we left nothing we cared about on the ground and as he grew we eventually had to keep the counter clear too! Maintained a pure sugar diet powered by chocolate chip cookies and liege waffles. Saved on not going out to restaurants. Squirrels stole my walnut stash from the tree. Updated my signature capsule wardrobe with a variety of “work” sweatshirts and jogger pants. Invested in backyard farming in the front yard. Fostered 9 animals and cleaned up a ton of puppy poop. Spent my hard earned income online shopping… for clothes I’ll wear in 2022 (2023?). Became obsessed with seed starting. Watched everything on Netflix and then rewatched all the good shows. Grew too many tomatoes and canned them for future botulism. A street-found fire pit provided a backyard vacation destination. Raked a bajillion leaves from the many trees at Berrybrier. Made new friends waving through the front window at strangers. Like actually, made real friends that way. Switched things up by occasionally sitting on the living room chair rather than the sofa. Obsessed over puzzles as a nightly activity. Made more cookies.

Goals for 2021? Don’t get COVID. Walk around the block…again. Start beekeeping. Buy another houseplant. Plan vacations for 2023. Get vaccinated! Finish one of the projects I started in 2019. Avoid getting stung to death by honey bees. Spend more time in the garden.
xo, LO

One thought on “2021 (how is it possible it’s a new year?!)

  1. Welcome back Laurel! 2020 was the year of survival. Anything that got you through it was ok. Sweatpants, sugar, new pets…. it’s all fair play!

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