It’s PIIIIINKKK!!! My house is painted pink!!!

I give up on trying to call this color coral, it’s absolutely pink and it’s ALL OVER MY HOUSE! That’s right, y’all, Berrybrier is finally painted! It’s been a journey – a rough journey – to get here and I’m so glad to show you this today! My house finally looks like a home, like someone loves it! Remember what it was like when I bought the property? Partially blue with a white corner and lots of flaking paint, it hadn’t been updated in 30 years. I saw a very similar picture to this on the listing and instantly knew this place was my house, my future home. It’s a good thing I’m totally crazy, because normal people don’t fall in love with exteriors like this!


After a disastrous painting journey and a failed complaint to the CCB (they referred me to small claims court, which I wasn’t ready to endure), I finally found a painter and now the house is complete! After almost a year of looking like a hot mess, the new paint is just like the first bite of birthday cake. I’m giddy about it!

Berrybrier | Fall House 2017

A new roof, a dormer, new paint, and this place is starting to transform. The color is bold, but I adore it. California born and raised, winter is always a bit hard for me. I miss greenery and color as the cold and rain stretch through April in Portland. When I was trying to decide which color to paint the house and which color would work best with the green aluminum windows, I knew the most important thing I wanted was to come home and smile. I wanted something that would stand out in the fog of grey that tends to descend over Portland in October and give me a little sight of oopfh! And boy did I get it!

Berrybrier | Final Paint.jpg

Now every time I arrive home, it’s hard not to grin. Even on the greyest day, this house stands out! I know this is a bit intense for a lot of people out there, but for me, I’m happy to make a splash. And the neighbors are just grateful that it’s painted and done! The house looks like I always imagined it would, happy and bright! The color brings out the character of the house and now even the little dormer looks like it always belonged!

Berrybrier | Painted Side.jpg

You probably noticed above that I didn’t end up painting the garage… the garage is a whole other project. The longer I live here (it’s been over a year!) the more I realize is wrong with the garage. It’s leaking and needs a roof; of the 3 additions on it, at least two need to be knocked down; and it needs new siding on at least one side. I’m chipping away at it, but it’s a long ways away from painting! But that’s next year’s (… or the year after’s) project. In the meantime I’m just going to get all googly-eyed about the house! It is just such an amazing improvement!

Berrybrier | New Paint

The front porch used to be a bit sad looking with faded & dirty blue paint, string lights plugged into an outlet above the door, moss creeping up the steps, and dual handrails slapped together. There was a lattice panel on the porch and the original 4×4 post looked a bit dinky compared to the rest of the architecture of the house.

Berrybrier | Original Porch

I still want to paint the steps and install a new railing, but again, one project at a time! I’m just happy with how this is looking now! The lattice fell victim to an evening of frustration at DIY and now the porch is sided, prepped for a future bench I want to build under the existing mailbox. I installed a new light fixture which I picked up from Lowe’s for under $20. I will probably switch it out of something a bit bigger down the line, but for now it’s a great improvement. I put one of those new dusk-to-dawn light bulbs in and it’s just amazing. I leave for work in the mornings at 6:42am and it’s often still really dark out. I love being able to leave the porch light on and not stress about wasting electricity all day, since it turns off on its own as soon as it gets light outside! The other big change was the front porch post. See how chunky and substantial it is? SO MUCH BETTER!

Berrybrier | Painted Front Porch

My painter had a friend who did small carpentry project like this and thank goodness, because I have too many projects. Although I think I could have done this easily myself, it came down to timing and I didn’t get it done in time. So I sent the guy this crazy marked up picture and $250 later I had a new post! I try to do as much as possible myself, but there’s also a threshold to the time I have to dedicate to all the projects. Hiring this out made sure it happened before the painting was complete.

Berrybrier | Porch Post .jpg

The back of the house has been a truly huge transformation. The old roof was peeling off a bit and the hobnob back stairs led straight into the garage. The kitchen was dark and dreary due to the light blocked by the falling-down porch roof.

Berrybrier | Exterior Back Original

The back garden is still a mess, but this view is much improved!! Removing the back porch and exposing the original concrete steps was one of the best free ideas! The new roof did wonders to spruce up things, but a fresh couple coats of paint on the flaking exposed siding really did the trick! I do need to pick up some porch and floor paint and give the steps a nice prep and painting, but I’m debating jackhammering off the top step, so I’m waiting to paint. Yup, just another project to add to the list. For now, plopping a couple of new plants in some pots I already owned dressed things up. I also replaced the door with a old half-lite door my neighbor Erik found for me on craigslist.

Berrybrier | Exterior Back

Overall, I’m so happy with this before and after! It’s hands down the biggest transformation at Berrybrier and one of the most important! I’m so excited to come how to this everyday and I’m sure the neighbors are psyched to see this change! I’m just obsessed with how much lighter and brighter it is here now.

Berrybrier | Before and After Paint.jpg

In case anyone else wants to paint their house pink, the main color is Sherwin Williams 6324 Mellow Coral, the white trim color is SW 7012 Creamy, and the grey-brown foundation (which I almost didn’t paint!) is SW 7048 Urbane Bronze. I’d highly recommend them all if you want a fun colored house that packs a punch! Despite the struggle to get here, in the end I’m just so happy this place is complete!


3 Months In and What’s Next

So we’ve been here in the Portland Duplex for a little while now and I wanted to show you all an update on how things stand. We’re starting to make progress in a few areas and anything is better than the chaos when we first moved in! Also this is a nice place to list the twenty million ideas I have, Young Houser Love’s “Listy McListerson” style! Since I know this house is not long term – I have no plans on being her longer than my year lease – there are many things I am very cautious about putting money toward. Basically, anything I can take with me? Sure, spend the green, anything more permanent? Not happening this year. Hopefully, my next home will be a much more permanent living situation! There are tons of updates anyone can accomplish in a rental though, so that’s what I’d set out to do!



A whole lot of nothing going on in here! I really haven’t started.

To Do:

  • Get seating for putting on/taking off shoes
  • console or buffet for mail/purses
  • Hang art and accessorize
  • Paint back wall to hide electrical box better?
  • Organize closet
  • Shoe storage!

– The Long Hallway –


The Long Hallway | Land of Laurel

Also untouched!

To Do:

  • Hang Art
  • Add runner?

– The Powder Room –


Untouched as well since this room is currently playing host to the house’s newest member! Six month old kitten Jackson is using this room as his safehouse until his stitches heal from his neutering and he and Malary learn to settle their differences.

To Do:

  • Buy bath mat/rug
  • Replace toilet seat
  • Hang art
  • Add plants
  • Find nice hand towel
  • Remove curtains and hardware

Soon there will be two cats photobombing all my pictures! Check out his little face in the meantime!

Jackson | Land of Laurel

– The Kitchen –




Kitchen | Land of Laurel

China Cabinet Pantry | Land of Laurel

Not a ton has changed in here. Those floors are impossible to keep clean so I’m looking into a runner which will hide some of the dirt I hope. We’ve still got all our pots and pans on the counter! Luckily the lovely china cabinet is helping store a lot of my things and frees up cabinet space! The stools were up for grabs when my new office moved from east to west Portland and I nabbed five for $20 beans each.

To Do:

  • Buy rug/runner
  • Make use of back wall with vertical storage (I’ve been working on this guy and can’t wait to share)
  • Get stools for bar area
  • Re plant something in that pot

– The Dining Room –




Dining Room | Land of Laurel

Things are looking a lot more lively in here now that I’ve added my furniture! The table is from my grandmother’s home, but it actually belonged to one of her tenants so there isn’t any sentimental value. The bookshelf was a surprise hand-me-down from my parents.

To Do:

  • Remove curtains and hardware
  • Paint/stain/refinish table (the top isn’t sealed properly, and I’d love to update it, this looks like a fun option, but they also look really elegant stained if styled correctly)
  • Paint bookshelf black to coordinate with china hutch

– The Living Room –


The Duplex Moving In Tour | Land of Laurel


Living Room | Land of Laurel

Living Room | Land of Laurel

Things have kind of landed in here for now. I’m using my old trunk which used to live at the bottom of my bed as a coffee table in the living room at the moment. We don’t have a couch yet and when we do get one I’m not sure the scale of the trunk will work with it. We’re using the bench I got as a hand-me-down from my parents and these two chairs as seating in here for now and it’s working pretty well. The larger chair is my roommates over which I draped a large wall hanging I got at the Berlin flea market. The wood arm’ed one is something I got from work in Oakland about 8 months back. The vintage suitcases were my Oma’s, I’ve stacked them and stuck a tray on top which is working really well as a cute side table! The other side table is some of my cherry crates stacked together with another tray. Fred is living on the coffee table at this house right now. The floor lamp is a recent IKEA purchase (my roommate’s). The faux cowhide is free from work.

To Do:

  • Buy sofa
  • Buy rug to layer beneath the faux-cow hide
  • build larger coffee table?
  • rewire green lamps for use on side tables
  • rearrange entire area to work with the sofa?
  • Hang art

– The Bonus Room –


The Duplex Moving In Tour | Land of Laurel


Bonus Room | Land of Laurel

This room has also pretty much just gotten a few pieces of furniture plopped down. The rug in here is awful truly awful. It might be original to the house. It’s covered in stains (some of them marker red) and sometimes smells a little bit! Our landlord said she wants to replace it with laminate flooring, but it hasn’t happened yet. The white drawer units were another item I picked up when my office moved. They were free and I napped 8 (they still sell them at IKEA for $79 each if you’re interested). I’ve got a couple in the garage, a couple in my bedroom closet, and these three in here are holding crafts supplies! It’s so nice to have them all sorted nicely. I’d love to bring a desk up here and make it a real craft room! The futon is also my roommates, I threw a couple of IKEA sheepskin pillows on top as well as a mudcloth I got at the Alameda Flea Market in the Bay Area before I moved.

To Do:

  • New flooring!
  • Build shelves for over the weird counter
  • Buy a nice plush rug
  • Hang art
  • Add desk

– My Bedroom –




Bedroom | Land of Laurel


Bedroom | Land of Laurel

Nothing great in here! My bed broke during the move so even though I’m on my own mattress and not the futon mattress, it’s still a mattress on the floor! Pieces from my old place all came with me, everything in here is still chaos! It took me way to long to go from the progress shot to the current shot too.

To Do:

  • Remove curtains and hardware
  • Hang new curtains (I’ll share this soon!)
  • Build bed
  • Style room
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Organize closets
  • Layer a rug on top?

– The Bathroom –

Before/Current: Bathroom | Land of Laurel

Nothing really done it here.

To Do:

  • Style counter
  • Add bathmats or runner
  • Get Malary to use downstairs litter box


So there it is guys! Plans for the entire house. Very feasible plans and totally rental-friendly! I’m diving in, can’t wait for you to all follow along.