Gift Guide For the Last Minute Shopper

If you’re someone who always runs out shopping at the last minute for Christmas (I raise my own hand here!), this gift guide is for you! Everything is from Amazon which means it can ship right to your door, no effort, no planning. Perfect! I gathered up some of my favorite things I own and things I want and things I love for others. It’s a random sampling likely to have something for everyone!

  1. Smeg Toaster This is awesomely bold and oh so cute! Pick the color that works best for your person and let them toast in style. As someone who is anti-countertop appliance, this toaster is Laurel-approved to sit out everyday, all year! I love how Smeg combines vintage and modern and creates the most functional and pretty appliances.
  2. Kasa Smart Plugs Four Pack Whether you need a gift for a smart home junkie or a smart home newbie, these smart plugs will find a use in any home! They’re awesome for setting up to turn on and off hard to reach table lamps or Christmas lights! I have two in my living room and one in my bedroom and I use them every single day!
  3. Echo Dot Can’t be a smart home without a smart home hub! I got the Echo Dot for Christmas a few years ago and didn’t really think I’d use it – but now I’m obsessed! I use these as speakers for playing podcasts and audiobooks throughout the house and I have Alexa set up to tie into my smart plugs and Nest Thermostat. Plus, I’m always having her play music on Spotify or tell me water to grain ratios when I’m making dinner. I love these so much, I just bought a third one in this pink color they’re calling plumb ( it’s definitely a mauvey pink!) for my bedroom. Can you say, “Alexa turn on the lamps?”
  4. Taza Chocolate Sampler This is hands down my absolute favorite chocolate! It’s made into rounds rather than bars and is entirely stone ground, resulting in a rougher texture. Entirely vegan these are produced in Somerville, MA (the town I went to college in!) with direct trade beans that support the South American farmers. They are delicious!
  5. Abeego Wax Wraps These beeswax wraps replace saran wrap in your home for a more eco-friendly alternative! There’s a few brands out there (and I’ve tried them too!), but this one is the best! The wraps are perfect for sealing leftovers or bringing a dish over to a friend’s house. Just seal the wax to your bowl with the warmth of your hands! You can reuse them over and over, mine are still going strong 2 years later!
  6. Tao of Tea Shanti Ayurvedic My favorite decafinated tea is a delicate mix of herbs and spices. A mild and pleasant taste, whole cardamom pods make it feel oh so cozy in the winter months. A must try if you live anywhere cold!
  7. Instant Camera Who doesn’t wax nostalgic about Polaroid cameras? This remake is just as good as the original and even hooks into your phone so you get a digital copy to keep too. I’d love to have one of these to bring to gatherings of loved ones!
  8. Electric Tea Kettle I’m a stovetop kettle girl, but I will admit electric kettles are so much faster! This one is cute and modern in the matte black and might even be worth having out on the counter so you can drink that tea right now!
  9. Honest Company All Purpose Balm This balm is a lifesaver and the only thing keeping my hands from flaking off in the winter. I put some on a few times a day to keep my hands soft and ward off the dry winter blues. Hot tip: apply some of this balm to the edge of your nose when you get a cold to prevent getting a red and raw honker. Works like a charm
  10. Staub Dutch Oven If you like to cook, this is your new favorite toy. Perfect for making soups, stews, grains, and meats, this dutch oven keeps your food so much more moist than everyone’s favorite dutch oven brand (looking at you Le Creuset!). Plus the black interior is so much easier to keep clean and the more rustic look charms my heart.
  11. Safety Glasses These are on my wish list, since I’m always dragging out heavy safety goggles when it comes time to make cuts. Perfect for any DIY-er who wants their safety to be chic.
  12. Jade Roller Another thing on my wishlist, a jade roller is a pretty luxe gift for any friend who likes a little woo woo in their skin care routine! Apparently this will make the skin of your face tighten and wake up. I just think it must feel amazing to have cold stone rolling across your face on a sleepy morning.
  13. Jacobsen Salt Sampler This is a fantastic gift for any chefs or salad lovers. A little flavored salt goes a long way in finishing off a dish and this gift sampler comes in the cutest wooden rack. Love it!
  14. Honest Beauty Mascara Hands down my favorite mascara ever! It comes with built-in primer and you better bet my eye lashes look a million times longer with it on! If I’m going to wear one piece of make-up, this is what I reach for.
  15. Lodge Cast Iron Pan You can’t beat Lodge for quality! This family owned company makes some of the absolute best cast iron pans. My preseasoned Lodge pan is basically non-stick and I use these almost exclusively for all my sautéing and omelette making. Love it.
  16. Golden Goblets These will dress up any tablescape and look fantastic in your cupbord the rest of the time. I’m eyeing these as I start to bring more warm golden tones into my home.
  17. Song of the Lioness Quartet The perfect set of books to buy any teen in your life, these are my heart and soul. Soon they’ll be their own TV show – so read them now and be the first to dish to your friends.
  18. Bananagrams This game is great for two or a party! I love throwing it into my bag on long roadtrips and weekends away too. Easy to play, anyone can learn.
  19. Copper Bowls I’m dying for a set of these. So cute! So functional! And we all know I love copper everything right? Move over aluminum, there’s a new metal in town.
  20. SmartWool Socks I have several pairs of these thin socks and they are fantastic! Thin enough to work with any shoe and thick enough to keep you warm, you need these for your closet. Who doesn’t love warm feet? It’s the perfect gift.

There we go, the last minute shoppers gift guide cheat sheet. Ready, set, place your orders now, because the holidays are fast approaching!

**This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for buying from the companies that support this blog.

2 thoughts on “Gift Guide For the Last Minute Shopper

  1. Hi, Laurel! I have been spending the last 10 years doing renovations and restorations to my home and furniture pieces. Just wanted to pass along that you did a wonderful job on such a shoestring budget! Hope you (and your sister) continue to do this and keep us all updated on your progress!

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