Hey there! Hi there! How do you do?!

I have read blogs for years and years. I love reading through archives and watching blogs evolve over time. So very few people start with a strong “Hello!” But that’s what I wanted to do! Soo…

HELLO!! Thank you for reading Leaves of Laurel! I am so glad you clicked and found yourself here. My name is Laurel and I run this shindig. I live here in Berkeley, CA where I enjoy the sun and warmth year round. I love cruising around this town on my bike whether I’m heading to my favorite donut place or playing Tetris with my organic Berkeley Bowl groceries in my basket. If I’m not working on a project I spend weekends in beautiful Santa Cruz with members of my huge family.


Click through more posts to learn about making-over old nightstands, painting my grandmother’s fish planter, Fred, & planting succulents in him, baking fudge pies, and so very much more!

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